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Why a Montessori Education is the Best Choice for Your Toddler

All parents want the best for their children, and one of the best ways to establish a solid foundation is through education. A high quality education should offer well-rounded development for your child while instilling a desire to learn. To accomplish this, the materials should be fun and engaging while still informative.

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There is no better education available to toddlers than a Montessori education. From the classroom design to the helpful teachers, your child will be in the optimal learning environment. They will be free to learn as they please in an environment full of peers and hands-on learning materials. In a Montessori classroom, your child is in charge of their education and they can reap the benefits.

The Curriculum Caters to Your Child’s Level

Children all learn at different paces. One of the primary shortcomings of conventional educations is that they follow a strict guideline for the curriculum regardless of each child’s learning style. Auditory learners may thrive in a lecture-based classroom, while tactile learners may struggle. In Montessori classrooms, each child is able to learn at their own pace with the help of their teacher. The teacher will guide them through the curriculum using materials and methods that help each child learn best. No child is left behind or frustrated because they don’t understand things, which does wonders for their confidence.

Allows for Development of Social and Motor Skills

Montessori classrooms put a greater emphasis on social learning than conventional classrooms that encourage quiet. By allowing children to work together at group tables, the children are able to make friends, share their knowledge, and reinforce their understandings by sharing the information. This improves their ability to speak and have conversations while also helping develop greater social skills.

Encourages Exploration and a Desire to Learn

If anyone knows the best way for your child to learn, it’s them! Catering to your child’s interests is one of the easiest ways to encourage learning. Montessori classrooms have a wide array of learning materials accessible to your child, so chances are they can learn in the genre of their choosing. If they are having fun while learning, they will want to learn more which will further develop their skills. Practice makes perfect!

If you’re seeking the best of the best for your child’s education, be sure to consider a Montessori education. Their hands-on learning approach helps develop your child physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally. This will help set the foundation for the rest of their academic careers, and instill a desire to learn that will carry them through.

November 16th, 2017

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